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8 Lies We All Say On Daily Basis

In our day to day life, how many of you actually say truth no matter what? Or let me change the question. How many of you have never lied in your whole life? none I guess? Let’s admit it. we all lie. And there are some lies we all say on daily basis. Sometimes, we lie because of habit, we lie because we are scared, we lie because of someone’s good but whatever it is, we do lie. And there are some most common lies I bet we all have said once in a life. let’s read.


Complimenting someone

Okay! Let’s start with the basics. We usually compliment people we see in our daily life. sometimes by will, sometime because it is necessary. And we do lie. We often lie. Many a times, when we even don’t like the person’s get up, we compliment them like “Oh Wow, you look gorgeous” but you don’t mean it. don’t you?


Bas 5 minute

And it should be the national lie of India. Isn’t it guys? For eg, my mother was waiting for me in the mall and I said mom, reaching in 5 minutes. And I said that when I was just getting ready. Lol

Cancelling the plan and blames our mother for it

Whenever we don’t want to go out and our friends still force us to join them, we usually say that I need to ask my mother first and tells them that the mother said no without even asking our mother. And guess what are we going to do instead of going out with our friends? Sleep! LOL

Denying the offer of having food

Whenever you go out with your family and someone offers you some food, you say no not because you don’t want to have it but because your parents said no to take it. but inside, you are actually dying from hunger.

Will study from tomorrow

Lol. We often make fake promises not only to others but to ourselves that we will definitely start studying from tomorrow but that tomorrow never comes.

No, I’m not jealous

This kind of lie is what you will often get to hear between a couple especially from the girl who is burning inside because her boyfriend commented on some other girl’s picture, but she says No, I’m not jealous. Isn’t it?

Sorry, I have no money

That’s what every Indian or I guess every people of world says whenever someone ask them for a help, or to borrow some money. Didn’t we do that?


I’m fine

My life is ruining. My parents hate me. I’ve no friend. My girlfriend ran away. My crush never replied me. I have again got 0 in my terminals. My sexual life sucks. But ignoring all of this, whenever someone ask, how are you? The ideal reply we give is I am fine.


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