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Digital Himachal is a news and media agency in Himachal Pradesh.Digital Himachal brings to you all the latest Himachal News in Hindi and updates related from Politics, Education, Entertainment, Culture to lifestyle and Health and Sports. This is a Digital platform for Himachal and aims at broadening and increasing general awareness!
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Due to the hectic lives we lead, we do not get enough time to go through the newspaper or watch the news on TV. So, one great alternative available now to get latest news updates is via apps present in our phone .In today’s world it is very important to stay tuned and updated with current World happenings.Digital Himachal App is designed specially for State wise news ,it covers each and every part of the state whether it is rural or urban..If you are from Himachal you can follow Digital Himachal to get updated with all the news related to Himachal.It not only focuses on the latest news but also covers topics related to Himachal politics, Education, Healthcare,Technology, Bollywood, Sports, Govt jobs in Himachal Pradesh.
There are many benefits of following such sites as it increases our general awareness. It will make you aware of whatever it is that’s happening in Himachal Pradesh.

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