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Tira Sujanpur, also known as Sujanpur Tira or Sujanpur Tihra, is a town and municipal council in the Hamirpur district of Himachal Pradesh. Founded in the 18th-century by the Katoch dynasty, the town is located midst the Himalayan foothills on the southern bank of the Beas River. It was one of the centers of Kangra-style miniature paintings (a chitrakala school) and Hindu temples built in an unusual blend of conventional Nagara architecture shrines with Mughal architecture palace, the latter decorated with floral murals of legends from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.
About Tira Sujanpur Tehsil

Tira Sujanpur is a Tehsil in Hamirpur District of Himachal Pradesh State, India. Tira Sujanpur Tehsil Head Quarters is Tira Sujanpur town .

Hamirpur City , Mandi City , Sundarnagar City , Nangal City are the nearby Cities to Tira Sujanpur.

Tira Sujanpur consist of 184 Villages and 21 Panchayats . It is in the 1254 m elevation(altitude) .

Jawalaji , Rewalsar , Bir , Palampur , Mandi are the near by Important tourist destinations to see.

Demographics of Tira Sujanpur Tehsil
Hindi is the Local Language here. Total population of Tira Sujanpur Tehsil is 43,189 living in 8,841 Houses, Spread across total 184 villages and 21 panchayats . Males are 20,772 and Females are 22,417
Total 7,077 persons lives in town and 36,112 lives in Rural.
Politics in Tira Sujanpur Tehsil

Bharatiya Janata Party , INC are the major political parties in this area.
Tira Sujanpur Tehsil comes under Sujanpur assembly constituency ,current sitting MLA is rajinder rana contested and won from INC party
Tira Sujanpur Tehsil comes under Hamirpur parliament constituency ,current sitting MP is ANURAG SINGH THAKUR.

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