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How Vedic Math can Help Your Child Excel: A Guide from Chandigarh’s 5 Leading Coaching Institute

“ Vedic mathematics is the science and technology of precision and order, which maintains the integrity of unity and at the same time spreads diversity with it.”

Vedic math


The Indian mathematician Jagadguru Shri Bharathi Krishna Tirthaji developed the Vedic method of mathematics between the years 1911 and 1918. He published his results in the book Tirthaji Maharaj: Vedic Mathematics. In the mathematical community, the term “Vedic mathematics” is synonymous with the term “mental mathematics.” To put it another way, using Vedic mathematics can boost your mental processing speed and ability by a factor of five.

What is Vedic Math?

Vedic Math’s, also known as Vedic Mathematics, is a set of Techniques or Sutras for accelerating the process of solving mathematical equations. The formulas and sub-formulas it contains can be used to solve problems in a wide variety of mathematical disciplines, including but not limited to number theory, algebra, geometry, calculus, conic sections, and more.

Vedic mathematics is based on a set of sutras and sub sutras that, when followed, facilitate the swift and precise performance of mathematical operations.

Vedic mathematics advantages. Why is it Significant?

  • The most obvious advantages of Vedic Math are the excitement it generates in students and the ease with which it introduces them to mathematical concepts by integrating rules that sometimes seem almost magical.
  • With Vedic mathematics in mind, you can find elegant solutions to a wide variety of inconvenient or otherwise time-consuming problems without having to slog through too much exposition.
  • The most significant advantage of Vedic Mathematics is that it yields results 10 to 15 times faster than the standard Western method of calculating.
  • There will be no need to memorize any formulas, and use of the calculator will drop to a minimum.
  • Students develop your imagination and come up with novel solutions to your problems. When a student is able to see his own individual approach to a problem, it motivates him to pursue that solution.
  • The intuitive skills of the student can be honed through study of Vedic Mathematics.
  • If you know your square, cube, square root, or cube root of the greater number in Vedic mathematics, you can solve these problems in your head with ease.

Vedic math technique:

Mental math


Procedure 1:

All we have to do is add the digits of the numbers’ unit digits together to get a multiple of 10 or a power of 10.

To better grasp the concept of multiplying integers, let’s examine the solved example provided below.


How to multiply 63 by 67?


63 × 67

Total of the unit digits is 10 (3 + 7).

Total digits in tens place = 6

Therefore, the product can be expressed as:

63 × 67 = 6 × (6 + 1)/3 × 7

= 6 × 7/3 × 7

= 42/21

= 4221

Regular mathematical computations can also be used to confirm the outcome.

The Sutra Ekadhiken Purvena describes this technique of multiplication. Multiplying two numbers where the last two digits sum up to 100 and the last three digits add up to 1000 is also possible with this method. To apply this method of multiplication to mixed fractions, the sum of the correct fractions must equal 1.

Strategy 2:

This method can be used when multiplying two numbers when one of the numbers contains only 9.


Multiply 876 by 999.


The numbers 876 and 999 are shown as examples.

First, take 875 and deduct 1 to get the answer.

876 – 1 = 875

Take 875 off 999.

999 – 875 = 124


876 × 999 = 876 – 1/999 – 875

= 875/124

= 875124

Sutra Ekanyunena Purvena describes this strategy for multiplication.

Like in Vedic addition, there are numerous multiplication sutras in Vedic mathematics.

Addition techniques


To find, enter: 98765 + 63217 + 89522 + 60543


Add 98765, 63217, 89522, and 60543 according to Sutra Ekadhikena Purvena.


The Ekadhiken Purvena Sutra provides the following procedures for performing arithmetic additions:

First, separate the digits while writing the given numbers in rows and columns.

Second, in Column I (the rightmost column), add the first two figures, 5 + 7 = 12.

Third, place an Ekadhika dot on 1. (digit which is next to 7 in column II)

Fourth, resume the addition process by adding 2;

2 + 2 = 4

Now, let’s begin with 4 once more: 4 + 3 = 7

The fifth step is to substitute the number 7 for the question mark.

Sixth, repeat the process with the remaining columns.


There are four or five various ways to subtract in Vedic mathematics, but the Sutra Ekadhiken Purvena and Param Mitra Unka are the best and simplest (the best friend). To put it simply, if the total of two numbers is 10, then they are said to be best friends in this context. As 3 + 7 = 10, the number 3 is particularly close to the number 7.

To learn about subtraction in accordance with Sutra Ekadhiken Purvena, please refer to the following illustration.


Reduce 746 by subtracting 389.


Directions for subtracting from Sutra Ekadhiken Purvena

First, separate the digits while writing the given numbers in rows and columns.

Step 2: Looking at the first column from the right, we can’t remove 9 from 6 because 9 is greater than 6.

As 1 is 9’s best friend, 1+6=7. To make 9 (8 + 1 = 9), write 7 in the response space and put an Ekadhika dot(.) on the 8 in the same column of column II.

The dot (.) on the number indicates an increase of 1.

Third, let’s do some similar subtraction with the remaining figures.
Thus, we get 357 by subtracting 789 from 746.

Division Technique:

Here, you’ll learn some quick division strategies from the Vedic Math Sutras.

Step 1: Determine the fraction of a power of 10 by which the divisor falls short when the divisor is small and near to 10 (Nikhilam).

As a second step, split the payout into the quotient and the remainder. The remainder is calculated using the same amount of digits as the divisor.

Step 3: Multiply the result of Step 1 by the first digit of the quotient. To the quotient’s unit digit, add this (from step 2).

Lastly, multiply the result of step 3 by the initial value from step 1. Include this figure in the final Remainder total (from step 2).

Fifth, we determine whether or not the remainder is bigger than the divisor. If that’s the case, you’ll want to divide it again and add the result to the original quotient (from step 2). We may safely say that the remaining we have calculated is the final remainder.

Books to read:

Do we really need Vedic math in schools?

According to the research conducted in the year 2017, resulting in added understanding and increased confidence in students when faced with exam questions

Give it a read:


YES, we do:

Quick Mathematical Processes

Experience the magic of Vedic mathematics as it inspires your youngster to pursue a lifelong passion for numbers. It not only teaches children easy strategies for problem solving, but it also makes solving mathematical equations a breeze. Online Vedic math programmes in the United States are beneficial for children even if they already excel in mathematics because they teach them to work through problems more efficiently, allowing them to keep up with their global peers.

Facilitates Better Numerical Skills

Taking your children to Vedic Mathematics lessons is a great way to help them become more comfortable with all kinds of computations involving numbers, including cube roots, square roots, cubes, etc. It is Vedic Mathematics that forms the basis of all the principles taught in reasoning and aptitude programmes in Canada, as well as in classes preparing students for the Canadian Olympiad. The kids have more composure and assurance in their ability to pass the challenging competitions.

Its usefulness extends well beyond purely arithmetic problems and into other areas of mathematics as well.

Boosts cognitive abilities such as recall, attention, and concentration

Doing mental arithmetic is a great way to help your youngster develop attention and concentration skills. The student learns memorization techniques that, when used repeatedly, exponentially increase their capacity for recall.

Precision and promptness, number four

Vedic mathematics provides easy-to-remember formulas and pointers for resolving even the most challenging mathematical issues. The child’s ability to quickly and accurately calculate will increase as he or she memorises these formulas. The child can do the math without the use of a calculator.

No More Math Fear

Confidence is boosted in children as they learn Vedic Math and begin to solve problems on their own. The fear of math will disappear immediately.

Improves Psychic Capacity

Enrolling your children in Vedic math programmes in the United Kingdom is a great way to help them get a head start in life. This has a major impact on honing their innate intelligence and inventiveness. After being familiar with the concepts of Vedic mathematics, children are sometimes able to solve the problem by merely glancing at the problem, without the need of a calculator or paper and pencil.

Advantage in the Market

If you have any doubts about your child’s ability to succeed academically, know that he or she will be able to pass any test given to them, whether at school or in a competition.

The best Vedic math coaching institute in Chandigarh

  1. Our first choice is:

Abhyasam Career Academy is known as Best Sainik school, RIMC, Sainik School and RMS ( Rastriya Military School) Coaching institute in Chandigarh. Abhyasam Career Academy is the Premier, the Finest and the Best Academy for 8th. 9th, 10th students tuitions classes and vedic math in Chandigarh.

Abhyasam Career Academy is one of the best Defense coaching institutes and vedic math available with superior infrastructure campus for the preparation of SSB, NDA, CDS, AFCAT, Airforce, MNS, INET and other Examinations in Chandigarh, India.

Visit them at: https://www.abhyasamacademy.com/

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2. Shree Shyam Institute

Our institute is a coaching of Vedic Math through online ( Via Zoom , Goggle meet) only & we are taking classes as per students time availability. We are taking classes in batch and max students per Batch is 7 students.


2247 A

Sector 42 c

Sector-37, Chandigarh, India – 160036

Landmark: Chandigarh


Address: SCO 70, above State bank of India, above SBI Bank, Sector 6, Panchkula, Haryana 134109

Phone099888 99719


Address: Sec 29, Ordnance Cable Factory Colony, Sector 29 B, Sector 29, Chandigarh, 160030Areas served: Chandigarh and nearby area

Phone082848 70807


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